Thai Chef branded for Freeze Dried, Deli food and Instant food products | Tom Yam Goong, Tom Kha Kai Soup, Salmon Porridge, Chicken Massamun Curry, Chicken Green Curry by Preserved Food Specialty Company
Established since 1994, Start the production on March 5th, 1995
Factory Area
Total Area: 65,412 square metres 
Building Area: 24,337 square metres
Total: 1,000 persons
“Commit to produce safety and quality products. On time Delivery. Meet customers satisfaction and continuous improvement.”
Quality Policy

We distribute products both for industrial and consumer packing. Also, sell for domestic and export to other countries as well.
For exported market, we have customers around the world, such as South East Asia,
East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, New Zealand, Europe, and America.
Freezing and Freeze Dried: Seafood, Meat, Vegetable, Fruit, Soup, and Rice Porridge
Spray Dried: Non-Dairy Creamer (NDC), Milk Replacer,
Whip Topping Cream, and Seasoning
Air Dried: Vegetable and Seasoning (Meat/Seafood Flavor)
Drum Dried: Functional Food, Seasoning
Extraction: Chicken Extraction
Consumer Packing: Coffee Dreamy (Non-Dairy Creamer), Espresso (Coffee 3 in 1), Dreamy Whipping Cream, Tasty Top (Freeze Dried Fruit) and Thai Chef (Freeze Dried Soup, Curry and Porridge)
R&D Services: Lab Facilities Service (Spray Dryer, Drum Dryer, Freeze Dryer, etc.)